A store sold 24 sweatshirts. Red ones cost $10.95 and blue ones cost $12.50. Total of $289.15 worth of sweatshirts were sold. How many of each color were sold?

Accepted Solution

Answer:17 blue and 7 red sweatshirts were soldStep-by-step explanation:We set up a simultaneous equation and solve:Let r represent the number of red sweatshirts and b represent blue ones.The total sweatshirts is 24. This gives us:[tex]r+b=24[/tex]Red ones cost $10.95 and blue ones cost $12.50 and the total is $289.15This also gives the equation:[tex]10.95r+12.5b=289.15[/tex]From the first equation we have:[tex]b=24-r[/tex]We replace b in the second equation to get:[tex]10.95r+12.5(24-r)=289.15[/tex][tex]10.95r+300-12.5r=289.15[/tex][tex]10.95r-12.5r=289.15-300[/tex][tex]-1.55r=-10.85[/tex][tex]r=7[/tex]This means thatb=24-7=17